Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Alertme gets fibre to the door

Back in the summer we had fibre-optic cable run to our offices in central Cambridge. Optical fibre can carry more data than any other kind of connection, so this is great for us as a web services company. In the UK our services are actually hosted at a decomissioned nuclear bunker in Kent, which has several fibre connections backing each other up, but having our own fibre connection lets us manage them better.

In Britain many ADSL broadband users will soon be getting their own fibre connections, as BT starts upgrading from copper wire. Fibre-to-the-door is already standard in parts of the US and South Korea, and can be expected to elevate the connected home to a whole new level.

Sorting through the year's photos I found some of Alertme's fibre being installed. In the top two it is being blown down the hill to us and in the bottom two it is being carefully run under the pavement to our front door.