Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Google Opens Up PowerMeter API

In October AlertMe became the first European company to partner with Google PowerMeter. AlertMe gives consumers visibility and control of their energy consumption and enables consumers to view this information with Google PowerMeter. By providing the energy consumption data that PowerMeter relies on, AlertMe is one of the engines behind Google PowerMeter.

Last week, Google expanded the ecosystem around PowerMeter by introducing an API (application programming interface) which will allow developers to help people better understand their energy consumption and find additional ways to save energy. And of course all of these new add-on capabilities will be available to any AlertMe customers who opt into Google PowerMeter too.

We’re thrilled that Google released the API and hope that adoption of the API is widespread. This validates the importance of our partnership with Google and will help to increase adoption of online consumer home energy management. And we think that everyone should have access to their energy information to save money, avoid wasting energy and be good to the planet by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

If you’ve been waiting to try out AlertMe or Google PowerMeter, there’s no time like the present.