Monday, 10 August 2009

Sense and Sustainability

UK utility nPower recently sponsored the 2009 Energy Challenge, a student competition which sought answers to the question ‘What should a power generation company’s response be to climate change?’

First prize was won by a group of students from the MSC in Sustainable Energy Futures course under Professor Sandro Macchietto at Imperial College London The team did a fun presentation to government - and cited AlertMe as the ideal platform to use to bring their ideas to fruition.

Their idea is called Complete Energy Service Arrangements (CESA), and it sounds to me like a type of ESCO (Energy Services Company) . They describe it as follows: "Instead of selling kWhs like before, we enter into a contract with our customer. They pay a monthly flat rate. We assess properties for saving potential and make investments."

The video of the presentation is here (we're mentioned at 04:55) and the slide set is here (see notes on slide 6).